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    SOCAY Electronics Corp.,Ltd. was founded in 2004, headquartered in Shenzhen special economic zone.We always adhere to the "morality oriented, mutual benefit and win-win" business service, focusing on electronic / electrical equipment, security equipment, communications equipment, transportation equipment, automotive electronics, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics and power supply module products protection requirements. We provide partners integrated circuit protection devices and circuits protection solutions to help engineers enhance product protection, improving product quality and market reputation image.
    Our main products include a full range of gas discharge tube (GDT), transient suppression diodes (TVS), the electrostatic protection devices (ESD), Thyristor surge suppressors(TSS), metal oxide varistors (MOV),multilayer chip varistor (MLV), polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC), spark gap protectors (SPG) etc.. From circuit design to product testing,we provide circuit protection field of a one-stop service for you. We won wide praise from the clients and the industry by excellent service.
    Since Socay established, we invested plenty of funds in R & D and production process, is committed to high-quality circuit protection solutions, and provide technical support for efficient products, testing for global customers for the development of new products. In order to provide more convenient technology and logistics services, the sales system has been widely sold in North America, South America, Europe and asia. With the completion of the shareholding system reform, we began to enter the high-speed development of the shareholding system in 2015.



    Socay has advanced equipment free EMC laboratory, professional FAE engineers to follow up the whole process, for customers of various types of customized protection program. Select the most suitable high specification circuit protection device for the customer according to the product protection grade. In the course of development of the company, socay always put the technology as the first driving force of enterprise development, the constant pursuit of research depth, continuously enhance the capability of independent innovation, the combination of a large number of scientific research, production, management, marketing elite, out of a special color change from small to large, from weak to strong innovation road.
    Socay people firmly believe that adhere to expand the "people-oriented" concept of corporate culture, with the core technology innovation, a good industrial base and a leading position in the market,becoming world-class semiconductor leading enterprises.

    Looking forward to the future, Socay electronics Com,Ltd will be based on China, and Looking at the world, to create the international famous brand and to be leader of Chinas excellent semiconductor.


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