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Voltage: 140(98~182)V



山西体彩Voltage: 140(98~182)V



Voltage: 180(126~234)V

Socay EMC Laboratory
    With advanced equipment EMC lab,our professional FAE will customize different protection schemes for every customers ,choose the most appropriate device.We have EMC labs in Shenzhen,Beijing and Hangzhou.And there will be increasing labs all the world in the near future.

    Whether machine test or component test,Socay always services every customers with profession and warmth.

    Socay always tries his best to provideOne-stop research and development of emc solution.Welcome to make an appointment if you have any need.

Circuit protection one-stop service as below:

1)The Preliminary design phase

山西体彩     Before designing product, our FAE will design recommendations issued by the circuit protection performance and design principle diagram to put forward the layout suggestion through the initial communication and understanding of the design requirements of product function and design electronic circuit presented to customers, customers free product,. At the same time, the company according to the design requirements and circuit design of the proposed protection scheme of customers, provide cost-effective, short delivery of all kinds of different types of circuit protection components selection for customers to design personnel and materials procurement staff, for customers to design the original import, cost accounting products and increase the cost of risk control.

(2)The Mid-term verification phase

    Customers in the product design stage, relying on EMC laboratory own professional and experienced professional testing engineers, to provide pre test free services for small and medium-sized electronic test equipment and personnel lack of manufacturing enterprise customers. During the test, the company engineer analysis on existing circuit protection scheme for customer product problems in free proposed rectification or optimization scheme, and to provide customers to solve the problem of the related components, to assist clients to carry out rectification circuit protection design scheme.

 (3)The later evaluation and training phase

    In the late stage of customer product design, the company´s professional technical engineers through the long-term cooperation with the customer communication, customer electronic product circuit protection program design ability has been more accurate understanding. On the basis of the company to assist customers in product design scheme evaluation of circuit protection, circuit protection design scheme to provide free training and communication services to customers design, circuit protection design ability to help customers improve the R & D personnel, to provide more technical reserves for the following product design.

Socay EMC Lab Feature

    *Laboratory and equipment use and support, service is completely free

山西体彩     *Develop and improve your testing methods and Solutions

    *Verify your protection plan in a real test environment

    * Give full play to the advantages of professional equipment testing to achieve the best test results

    *Provide test plan consultation and test technical support

How To make an appointment with Socay EMC Lab

Shenzhen free EMC laboratory:

    Add: 4/F, Block C, HeHengXing Science & Technology Park,  LongHua Town, Shenzhen City, GuangDong Province, China 

    Contact Person:Elsie Yang

    Contact Tel:+86 0755-88367518

Beijing free EMC laboratory:

    Add:115 Room ,1/F ,HTC Standing ,16th Building Hongda Middle Road ,Beijing Economic & Technology Develop Zone, China

山西体彩     Contact Person:Shenbiao Wang

山西体彩     Contact Tel:+86010-56107311,Mob:+86 13933876175

Hangzhou free EMC laboratory:

    Add:202 Room,XinYe Building East 60,1418th MoGanShan Road,Gongshu District,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China

    Contact Person:Davi Wen

    Contact Mob: +86 18952450265

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