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Socay Electronics Exhibition fifteenth China international high tech Fair

Author£ºSocay Electronics   Source£ºSocay Electronics   Time£º2014-05-21 15:55:25

      In November 16, 2013 -11 month 21 days, fifteenth Chinese international hi tech Fair (the fair) in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center was held successfully. Chinese international high tech fair integrated fruit trading, product exhibition, forum, project investment, cooperation and communication in one of the China biggest, most influential large-scale science and technology exhibition, since the first time since 1999, has been successfully held 15 sessions, "China technology first exhibition," said. In the business department led and organized, socay electronics to actively participate in, fully ready, participated in the exhibition.
      This fair is the party´s eighteen plenary session after the victory is held at the first national large exhibition. The current fair tightly around the innovation drive development, multi dimension, all show the latest achievements of China´s strategic emerging industry and independent innovation, promoting science and technology and the development of economy and society more closely, promote cooperation international science and technology exchange and wider range. 3012 exhibitors including 34 foreign delegations from 29 countries and regions, including the exhibitors, including 115 from delegations from 78 countries and regions, including 541000 participants, a total exhibition area of 115000 square meters.
      This fair is provided with a "transaction of hi-tech achievements, high-tech professional products exhibition, China high-tech forum, super-SUPER thematic activities, high-tech talent and intelligence exchange, not ending fair" six major contents of the plate, the total exhibition area of more than 100000 square meters. The exhibition highlights the four major characteristics: one is the outstanding innovation driven, showing the important role of the modern science and technology to promote the healthy development of economy and society. Two is the transformation and upgrading, focus on the display of the latest achievements in strategic emerging industries and green low carbon development. Three is the prominent front guide, focus on strengthening the role of high-end publishing platform. The four is the outstanding quality and benefit, pay attention to internationalization level show the effectiveness and professionalism.
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