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Winter lightning and static electricity can not be ignored -- the lightning protection components ceramic gas discharge tube

Author£ºSocay Electronics   Source£ºSocay Electronics   Time£º2014-05-21 15:58:21

      Into the winter, lightning phenomenon has not appeared, but according to the meteorological observation data, the latest time Lanzhou had a thunderstorm for November, and within the province, in December, 1, February have occurred in the thunderstorm, once appear, harm degree is not small, but also because the dry and windy in winter, easy to produce static electricity discharge in winter, so the lightning protection and anti-static work still can not be ignored.
      First of all, the public must raise mine awareness of their own, the consciousness of people often think that only the summer will thunder, however, autumn and winter lightning damage is not small. Factories, enterprises and the public, especially outdoor work friends, must pay attention and listen to the thunder and lightning early warning information, try not to go out in case of thunderstorm, lightning, try to cut off the electric power supply, do not touch the electric equipment or other similar metal device. In the outdoor friends must be good lightning protection work itself, do not enter the shed, house without lightning protection facilities and other buildings, not near the poles, trees and other tall objects. Indoor ski resort in winter outdoor entertainment must be good lightning protection measures, to strengthen mine safety management.
      Secondly, in daily life and industrial production need to do a good job in the electrostatic protection. In daily life, in the heating under drainage basin to increase the indoor air humidity; often take a shower, wash clothes, try not to wear synthetic clothes; you can first use a small metal device or cotton cloth to erase the electrostatic use electrical equipment, metal equipment. In industrial production, especially the electronic production and inflammable and explosive places more attention should be paid to the electrostatic protection, common means of protection: environmental risk control; process control; good grounding; humidity; antistatic additives; electrostatic neutralizer; the use of anti-static instruments; with strong electrostatic safety management.
      Due to heavy snow, frost and other weather phenomena have great harm, the lightning protection device furthermore, corrosion, damaged by lightning, man-made damage, use of the building changes or inside buildings, equipment changes will affect the lightning protection device protective efficiency, therefore, the winter should also often the lightning protection device integrity, electrical connectivity etc. visual inspection and measurement. Lightning protection device for winter construction, the grounding body must permafrost layer in the deep buried, but due to the winter of metal material is easily broken, need to do protection work of mine construction materials.
Lightning disaster will harm people great personal safety and property safety, the joint efforts of lightning protection to all citizens and the meteorological department.
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