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Transient Voltage Suppressor(TVS)

Author:socay   Source:socay   Time:2018-06-27 14:47:45

What is TVS?

山西体彩 The electrical characteristics of the TVS tube are determined by the P-N junction area, doping concentration and wafer resistance. Its ability to withstand surge current is directly proportional to the P-N junction area.

山西体彩 When the two poles of the TVS diode are subjected to the inverse transient high energy shock, it can change the high impedance between the two poles to a low impedance quickly, and absorb the surge power of up to several kilowatts, making the voltage between the poles located in a predetermined value and protecting the precision components in the electronic circuit from damage.

TVS is widely used in the protection of semiconductor and sensitive devices. It is usually used in two level power supply and signal circuit protection, as well as antistatic. Its characteristics are fast reaction rate (PS Level), small volume, large pulse power and low clamping voltage. The pulse power of 10/1000 μs wave is from 400W to 30KW, and the peak current of pulse is from 0.52A to 544A; the breakdown voltage has a series of values from 6.8V to 550V, which is easy to use in various circuits with different voltages.

The positive surge current allowed by TVS can reach 50 to 200A at TA = 250C, T = 10ms. The bidirectional TVS can absorb the instantaneous large pulse power in the positive and negative two directions, and clamp the voltage to the predetermined level. The bidirectional TVS is suitable for the AC circuit, and the unidirectional TVS is generally used in the DC circuit. It can be used to prevent lightning, overvoltage, interference and absorb surge power. It is an ideal protection device.

山西体彩 TVS is widely used in semiconductor and sensitive device protection. It is usually used for the two level protection after the ceramic gas discharge tube, sometimes also directly used for primary protection.

There are many thunderstorms in the south, and lightning induced voltages often break the integrated circuits of some computers in the computer network. Every year, a lot of networked computers are damaged by lightning strikes. The reason is that there are more than 200 meters of cable between the machine and the main engine. The computers are damaged by the transient high pressure but it’ll be different with TVS in the microcomputer. Practice shows that the transient voltage suppressor is very practical, and it can improve the reliability of the whole machine.

Category of TVS

山西体彩 TVS devices can be divided into two kinds, unipolar and bipolar, according to their polarity. They can be divided into universal devices suitable for various circuits and special devices suitable for special circuits according to their use. Such as: various AC voltage protectors, 4~200mA current environment-friendly devices, data line protectors, coaxial cable protectors, telephone protectors, etc.

According to packaging and internal structure, it can be divided into: axial lead diode, double row TVS array (suitable for multi line protection), patch type, component and high-power module and so on.

SMBJ series TVS is in small size DO-214AA SMB package, the rated working power is 600W, the working voltage range is 5.0-440.0V, the working current range is 62.5-0.84A.

SMCJ series TVS is in small size DO-214AB SMC package, the rated working power is 1500W, the operating voltage range is 5.0-440.0V, the working current range is 156.25-2.10A.

山西体彩 P6KE series TVS is in DO-204C (DO-15) package, the rated working power is 600W, the working voltage range is 5.5-513.0V, the working current range is: 55.56-0.72A.

Below are all the TVS series:


山西体彩 SMD Type:

山西体彩 ①DO-214AC/SMA:SMAJ(400W)、P4SMA(400W)





DIP Type:



山西体彩 ③DO-201AE:1.5KE(1.5KW)LCE(1.5KW,100pF)

山西体彩 ④P600:3KP(3KW)5KP(5KW)15KPA(KW)20KPA(20KW)30KPA(30KW)


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