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Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices

山西体彩Author:socay   Source:socay   Time:2018-06-27 14:49:08

What is Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices?

Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices is called ESD for short. This kind of over-voltage and anti-static protection devices are designed for protecting the I/O port which is applied to high speed data transmission. The ESD protection device is used to avoid the influence of ESD (electrostatic discharge) on sensitive circuits in electronic devices. It provides very low capacitance, excellent transmission line pulse (TLP) test, and IEC6100-4-2 test capability.

Category of ESD?

山西体彩 The ESD of SOCAY are divided into multilayer varistors and ESD diodes according to the packaging.

What’s the function of ESD?

The device is in parallel to the circuit. When the circuit works normally, it is in the cut-off state (high resistance state) and does not affect the normal operation of the circuit. When the circuit appears abnormal overvoltage and reaches its breakdown voltage, it quickly changes from high resistance state to low resistance state and provides low impedance conduction path to the instantaneous current, while clamping the abnormal high pressure in the security level to protect IC or line; It returns to the high impedance state, and the circuit works normally when abnormal overvoltage vanishes.

Application fields of ESD:

Mobile phone; MP3; MP4; electronic dictionary; reading machine; learning machine; USB interface; GPS; POS machine; security products; keyboard; LCD screen. The ESD are widely used in HDMI interface, portable video equipment, LCD plasma TV, USB2.0 and USB3.0 interface, GPS system, portable devices (PDA, DSC, Bluetooth), printer interface, satellite receiver, DVI, antenna and so on to improve the protection of sensitive electronic components.

山西体彩 The advantages and disadvantages of ESD:

山西体彩 1. The reaction rate is fast (less than 1ns)

2. Low capacitance (suitable for high frequency and high speed transmission lines).

3, small size, variety of packaging, saving board space (to meet different product applications).

4. Low leakage current and longer battery life (less than 1uA).

山西体彩 5, Low voltage (minimum 2.5V) helps to protect sensitive electronic circuits from damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.

Selection of ESD

. The product selection of ESD components will ultimately choose the suitable ESD model according to the specific needs of each customer. We will always follow two principles when we select the part for our customer:

山西体彩 Vdrw≥working voltage

According to the application port, the protection grade selects the patch pressure sensitive or the diode. According to the transmission frequency, the higher the frequency, the higher the frequency of the device, the lower the device´s capacity, the too large capacity to cause the signal to lose the packet. Therefore, we must choose the most suitable ESD according to its own needs.

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