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Spark Gap Protectors(SPG)

山西体彩Author:socay   Source:socay   Time:2018-06-27 14:50:14

What is SPG?

The SPG is a new lightning protection device in the late twentieth Century. It has the advantages of both ceramic gas discharge tube and semiconductor overvoltage protector: high insulation resistance (> 10^8 omega), small interpolar capacitance (less than 0.8pF), large discharge current (up to 3 kA), two-way symmetry, and fast reaction speed ( There is no lag phenomenon of impact breakdown), stable and reliable performance, low voltage after conduction, and the advantages of high DC breakdown voltage (up to 5000V), small volume, long life and so on. The drawback is that DC breakdown voltage is more dispersed (+ 20%). According to its 8/20 S wave discharge current IPP, it is divided into three series: SCC (3kA), SCB (1kA) and SCA (500A).

山西体彩 The effect of SPG

The SPG is made up of two electrodes separated in a glass tube filled with inert gas. The electrical properties are basically determined by the type of gas, the pressure of the gas and the distance of the electrode. The gas is mainly neon or argon with pressure. The surface of the electrode is coated with a propellant to reduce the electron emission. These measures enable the action voltage to be adjusted (usually from 200 volts to thousands of volts) and can be maintained within a definite error range. When the voltage at both ends is lower than the discharge voltage, the glass discharge tube is an insulator. When the voltage of the two ends rises to greater than the discharge voltage, the arc discharge is generated, and the gas ionization discharge is converted from high impedance to low impedance, which reduces the voltage at both ends rapidly. When the glass discharge tube is subjected to a transient high energy shock, it can change the high impedance between the two poles to a low impedance at a speed of 10^-9 seconds.

Classification of SPG

According to its 8/20 S wave discharge current IPP, it is divided into three series: SCC (3kA), SCB (1kA) and SCA (500A).

Application of SPG

It is mainly used in cable TV, railway communication, security and other equipment to prevent equipment from being damaged by overpressure and lightning blitz. It is mainly used to prevent damage caused by surge current or overvoltage.

1. inrush current protection for telephone, fax, modem, program-controlled telephone switchboard, distribution frame, network and other communication equipment and digital transmission equipment.

2. Surge current protection for sensing line

山西体彩 3. surge current protection for cable TV (CATV) system;

4. Electrostatic protection for CRT monitor, computer color display and color TV

5. Electrostatic protection for car audio system, radio communication equipment

山西体彩 SPG is widely used in power supply, data, information receiving, communication, consumer electronics, high frequency circuit, 3G communication product, communication base station equipment and other series of electrostatic communication and household appliances.

A, power supply

山西体彩 B, data transfer device

山西体彩 C, antenna device or antenna / signal circuit includes movable parts.

D, antistatic device

E, a variety of medical devices


山西体彩 ① It is equivalent to open circuit before breakdown, high resistance, no leakage current or small leakage current.

山西体彩 ② It is equivalent to short circuit after breakdown, large current can be passed.

③ Pulse current capacity (peak current) is large- 500A, 1KA and 3KA

山西体彩 ④ bi-directional symmetry

⑤ Capacitance value is low and under 0.8pF

山西体彩 ⑥ Response speed is fast and less than 1ns


① The flow capacity is much smaller than that of the ceramic gas discharge tube.

② The breakdown voltage is only a certain number of specific values.

山西体彩 ③ The breakdown voltage is of large dispersion, ±20%.

Selection and encapsulation of SPG

山西体彩 ① SPG can be used not only as the protection of the power circuit, but also as the protection of the signal circuit. It can be used as a common mode protection, and can also be used as a differential mode protection. But it can only be used where the surge current is not higher than 3KA.

山西体彩 ② The selection of DC breakdown voltage VS: the minimum value of the DC breakdown voltage VS should be more than 1.2 times the maximum peak voltage or the maximum signal voltage that may appear.

山西体彩 ③ It is necessary to connect the current limiting resistance or resettable fuse to prevent the damage of the SPG.

山西体彩 Package




Impulse Discharge Current


山西体彩 1000A

山西体彩 3000A


山西体彩 Small



山西体彩 Main Characteristic parameters of SPG

山西体彩 ① DC Spark-over Voltage

山西体彩 ② Surge Current Capacity

③ Capacitance

山西体彩 ④ Insulation Resistance

⑤ Surge Life

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