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   Socay electronics,  as an electronic components manufacturer , is well-konwn  in the world. It has built a global strategic alliance network. In Socay, work is challenging, your innovation and try not only can get attention,but also can be rewarded. We provide high quality professionals, in order to make work performance to strive for further improvement.

Sales Engineer+

Functional requirements:
1. college degree or above, electronic and micro electronic / communication / graduates professional lightning protection priority;
2. electronic components sales related working experience;
3. good communication ability, expression ability and self motivation;
4. independent calls and visits to promote the new product and technology to customers;
5. follow up business and technology;
6. Strong organization, language expression and communication ability.
Job description:
1. the development of new customers and old customers potential mining;
2. business rules negotiation;
3. coordinate with the sales, the company products exhibition;
4. search competitor information and share with the team.
Post treatment:
1. basic salary + commission
2. telephone charges
3. performance bonus
4. other benefits

FAE Engineer+
Post requirements:
1. a year above the circuit development experience or excellent graduates;
2. skilled use of computer office software and PCB software;
3. character cheerful, good communication and learning ability;
4. there is a correlation of lightning surge protection work experience is preferred;
5. have strong practical ability;
Job description:
1. provide overcurrent, overvoltage protecting circuit design;
2. pre-sale after sale technical services to support client;
3. to the sales engineers and internal staff to provide training and technical support services;
4. new project promotion and release;
5. DEMO board production, application guide;
6. the customer product testing, rectification and provide the test report.


Equipment Technical Specialist+

Basic requirements:
1. knowing equipment repair;
2. can hard-working, serious and responsible work;
3. team work spirit;
4. bear the company power supply, water supply, plant and other auxiliary facilities repair;
5. assist in the development of new process equipment debugging and acceptance of new equipment.
    The company is 5 days 8 hours, before the trial period to buy five social insurance and one housing fund.
    Interested parties may directly bring your resume with you (at 9:30-11:00,14:00-18:00) during our interview.
    Address: 4/F, Block C, HeHengXing Science & Technology Park,No.19 MinQing Road, LongHua  District, Shenzhen City, GuangDong Province, China

    A number of bus lines: M211, B730, B731 Foxconn two west station and get off,
    M282,352,324,300B, Shen Hui line 3 until the Wayaopai, Foxconn and get off to walk 200 meters north south gate flyover to second.


The Procurement Specialist+

Post requirements:
1. electronic semiconductor materials (Manufacturing) procurement of production management experience is preferred; female preferred.
2. proficient in supplier development, evaluation process and supply chain management;
3. have strong communication skills, familiar with ERP, basic knowledge of warehouse.
4. familiar with the responsibility for material market price, to understand the relevant materials market sources, to reduce procurement costs, not regularly submit the prices of raw materials and market survey report.
5.Follow purchasing principle suitable price, timely, appropriate, tissue engineering and quality control personnel review and assessment of the supplier, and update the related "the qualified supplier list".

1. electronic information engineering or mechatronics; and above management class, physics related professional college education, basic English reading and writing ability;
2. has good performance and occupation moral record in procurement field.
3. strong analytical skills, familiar with procurement procedures.
4. familiar with purchasing and cost control;
5. strong compression resistance, strong executive ability, good attitude, good faith, duty, team cooperation ability.


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