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山西体彩Package: φ9.3*16.3mm

Voltage: ≥400V


Package: 6.0*3.2*2.0mm

Voltage: 360-560V


Package: φ8×10mm

山西体彩Voltage: 75V

Gas Discharge Tube
    Ceramic gas discharge tube (Gas Tube) is a kind of switching devices are the most widely used lightning protection equipment, both AC and DC power supply lightning protection or various signal circuit protection, can use it to discharge lightning current into the earth. Its main features are: large discharge current, interelectrode capacitance (≤ 3pF), high insulation resistance (≥ 109), breakdown voltage larger dispersion (± 20%), slower (fastest was 0.1 ~ 0.2 μ s). According to the number of electrodes, a diode discharge and gas discharge tube (the equivalent of two diode discharge series) two. Its shape is cylindrical, with lead and without lead two structure forms (sometimes with overheating short-circuit protection card).
  UN1206-SMD Series

Dimension:3.2*1.6*1.6 mm
Impulse Discharge Current:0.5KA
Working Voltage:150V、200V、230V、250V、350V、420V

  UN1210-SMD Series Dimension:3.2*2.5*2.5mm
Impulse Discharge Current:1KA
Working Voltage:150V、200V、230V、300V、350V、400V、420V、470V
  UN1812-SMD Series Dimension:4.5*3.2*2.7mm       
Impulse Discharge Current:2KA
Working Voltage:90V、150V、200V、230V、300V、350V、400V、470V、600V
  UN2E5 Series(leaded/leadless) Dimension:φ5.5*6mm
Impulse Discharge Current:5KA
Working Voltage:75V、90V、150V、230V、250V、300V、350V、400V、470V、600V、800V
  UN2E5-SMD Series

Impulse Discharge Current:5KA
Working Voltage:90V、150V、200V、230V、300V、350V、400V、470V、600V

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