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Package: DO-214AC

山西体彩Voltage: 110.0V


山西体彩Package: DO-214AC

山西体彩Voltage: 120.0V


山西体彩Package: DO-214AC

Voltage: 130.0V

Zener Diodes
    Zener diode, English name is Zener diode, also called zener diode. The diode is a semiconductor device until the critical reverse breakdown voltage of all have very high resistance. In this critical breakdown point, reverse resistance is reduced to a very small value, in the low resistivity zone in the current increases while the voltage is kept constant, zener diode is classified according to the breakdown voltage regulator tube, because of this characteristic, mainly is as a regulator or voltage reference element use. Zener diode can be connected in series for use in high voltage, the series can be obtained more stable voltage.
  DO-214AC Package SMA Series
  DO-214AC Package SZ Series
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