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Voltage: 5V



山西体彩Voltage: 15V

ESD Diodes
    ESD represents the Electrostatic Discharge that "English electrostatic discharge" means. ESD is formed since the middle of this century to produce research and attenuation of electrostatic, electrostatic discharge model, electrostatic discharge effects such as current heat (spark) effect (such as fire and explosion caused by static electricity) and electromagnetic effects (such as electromagnetic interference) and other disciplines. In recent years, with the extensive application and the electromagnetic environment and the development of science and technology, microelectronic technology and more complex, electromagnetic fields such as electromagnetic interference effects on the electrostatic discharge (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues more seriously.
    Our ESD protection device is mainly composed of TVS ARRAY, a device by different package. It has the merits of small volume, low junction capacitance, fast response etc..
  SOD-323 Package ESD03V32D-LCD
  SOD-323 Package ESD0501V32D-LC
  SOD-323 Package ESDXXV32D-A Series
  SOD-323 Package ESDXXV32D-C Series
  SOD-323 Package ESDXXV32D-LA Series
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